Book Article

Governance’s Role in Service Design: Extending Theory in Light of the Finnish Model.
In Miettinen S. & Valtonen A. eds. Service Design with Theory.
ISBN 978-952-484-551-9
2012, Rovaniemi: Lapland University Press.

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Conference Papers / Scientific Publication

Framing the Temporal Territory of Inclusivity: Cultural Reflections on Finnish Design Heritage,
Proceeding at Include 2013 Design Conference: Global Challenges and Local Solutions in Inclusive Design,
ISBN 978-1-907342-70-7
2-3 July 2013, Hong Kong / China.

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Design History: Hardwired into Cultural Innovation
Proceeding at Crafting the Future: 10th European Academy of Design Conference
ISBN 978-91-979541-5-0
April 2013, Gothenburg / Sweden.

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Soft Systems Networking of Design Thinking in a Sustainable Society,
Proceeding at DPPI11: Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces:
How Can Design Research Serve Industry,
ISBN: 978-1-4503-1280-6
June 2011, Milan / Italy.

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The Management of Cultural Heritage in Finland:
Design Classics as a Key Feature of Sustainable Development,

Proceeding at SIEF 2011: People Makes Places- Ways of Feeling the World,
April 2011, Lisbon / Portugal.

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A Management Theory for Art Education: Fuzzy Front End for Independent Progress,
Proceeding at New Media Art Education & Research 3 Always Already New:
2010 “Thinking Media, Subversing Feeling, Scaffolding Knowledge:
Art and Education in the Praxis of Transformation”,
December 2010, Milan / Italy.

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Merging and Converging: VW Beetle,
Proceeding at International Congress of Aesthetics 2007 “Aesthetics Bridging Cultures”,
July 2007, Ankara / Turkey.

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Forthcoming Publication

Why do we still need "Design Heroes"?
Proceeding at International conference of Design Culture: Object, Discipline and Practice.
University of Southern Denmark. 18-19 September 2014. Kolding/ Denmark.


[Design]CAPITALIA: A Framework for Nourishing, Growing, Protecting or Diminishing Diverse ‘Capitals’. Alpha Version.
Alastair Fuad Luke with Claudia Garduno, Alaca Ersin Fahrettin, Jari-Pekka Kola, Svetlana Usenyuk, Sandra Vina and Katharina Moebus,
Open Knowledge Festival, September 2012, Helsinki / Finland.
designCAPITALIA launched at OKF (

Publishing in Popular Media

Reconciling with Manga in the Context of Kyoto, Grafik Tasarim,
February 2009, Istanbul / Turkey, pp. 60-63.

Design’s Level in the Hierarchy of Needs and Designwalz, Grafik Tasarim,
November 2008, Istanbul / Turkey, pp. 14-17.

In the Pursuit of Manga Capital: Kyoto, Artist Actual,
June 2008, Istanbul / Turkey, pp. 42-45.

Does Sweden Look at Mirror: Art, Design and Homelessness, Artist Actual,
April 2008, Istanbul / Turkey, pp. 10-16.

Turkish Automobile Factories (TOFAŞ), Research and Design Project for Car Seat, No: 1,
August 2002, Istanbul / Turkey, pp. 84-87.